Upcoming Webinar:13 secrets to 97% client retention

Tuesday July 19th 11:00am PDT/ 12:00pm MDT/ 1:00pm CDT/ 2:00pm EDT

11 Points of Difference

✓ Put systems in place

Keep clients longer by having these few, simple business systems in place. They'll do the work for you!

✓ Leverage the trust you already have

You earned their trust to get their business. Now, competitors want to take them away. Discover how easy it is to boost retention with a simple series of communications.

✓ Make it easy for your staff

You'll geta  few well-tested and proven scripts, tricks and techniques that your staff will love. (Plus, they make it easy for your clients to love you!)

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New ebook reveals the 11 behaviors and principles adopted by the most successful agents & brokers in North America.

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