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New business rocks. But quoting prospects who don't become customers is expsensive, wasteful... and just plain sloppy business.

Whether you buy leads, get web leads, or get inbound calls - I will show you 23 different ways to boost your conversion. Pick just three of our time-tested techniques and you'll see the difference in less than a week! Even better: you'll have systems that keep converting, day-after-day... year-after-year.

Here's What You'll Get!

✓ 23 different conversion-boosting techniques that are proven to work in agencies & brokerages throughout the US and Canada.

✓ My method for getting conversion to seep deep into the very culture, fiber and DNA of your agency or brokerage. (Your team will share your enthusiasm for turning leads into lifelong relationships!)

✓ Easy ways to unleash technology to do the heavy lifting for you. (And make it easier for you and your staff to easily turn shoppers into happy customers!)

Agency Revolution  Connected Insurance Academy