by Michael Jans

The new book no insurance agent or broker can afford to miss

Connect: How Insurance Agents & Brokers Dominate in the Connected Age

Note from Michael Jans:

"In this book, I present and support the thesis that the independent agent-broker channel is facing an onslaught of new challenges. But also, hidden within those challenges is a unique opportunity: to grow rapidly and dramatically by fulfilling an 'old school promise using new tools.' If you're looking to ramp up your organic growth, this may be the answer you're looking for."

I'm serious. I want it!


The insight your agency or brokerage needs

  • The single most important decision your agency or brokerage must make in insurance marketing (before you waste a ton of money and time on the wrong choices)
  • Precisely what today's consumer demands from their insurance provider (and why they're so willing to find it from other insurance channels)

Prepare for the future

  • 5 major trends & forces that are forcing agents & brokers to change strategy
  • How to inspire and motivate your team to sell, be more productive and succeed
  • What the latest research reveals about how agents & brokers are dominating their marketplace (and why it's NOT what it was 5... 3... or even 1 year ago).

Avoid outdated habits

  • How to never, ever sell on price again, and why your customers love you more when you don't
  • The secret question today's consumer is quietly asking today's agents & brokers – and how to start that conversation in a way they never, ever forget... and much more!

"You can trust Michael Jans to tell the truth. Especially when we don't want to hear it. As much as it hurts, pay attention. The future of the agency force depends on it."
Brian Barrick, Nonprofit Insurance Services

"Nobody looks deeper into the soul of the insurance industry than Michael Jans."
Tammy Leseuer, Bancorp Insurance