4 Reasons Insurance Agents & Brokers Should Never Sell On Price:

Why Price Marketing Weakens The Agency, Disappoints The Customer And Is The Worst Strategy Possible For The Independent Insurance Agent & Broker.

By Michael Jans

4 Reasons Insurance Agents & Brokers Should Never Sell on Price: Why price marketing weakens the agency, disappoints the customer, and is the worst strategy possible for the independent insurance agent and broker

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  • The ultimate guide to making more money - on every scale
  • Higher paying customers – who love your agency or brokerage
  • A total solution to high-churn price driven customers
  • The most powerful strategy to combat your biggest competitors

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Systems that will work for you insurance agency

 Systems that will work for you

  • The message and the methods that will attract consumers you want
  • Proven techniques to delight your customers more without sacrificing profits
Why some smaller insurance agencies keep winning

Why some smaller agencies keep winning

  • Know which battles to fight, and when you should step away
  • Discover how to find insurance consumers that will be more than just a customer
Know a bad strategy when you see it

Know a bad strategy when you see it

  • Why some popular approaches will never be a good fit for the independent insurance channel
  • How to avoid a 'race to the bottom' that will leave you struggling to compete

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Tom Franklin, Senior Marketing Manager, Selective Insurance

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Gregory Hawk, CCLA, CSRM, Regional Manager