The Crash Course on Marketing Automation for Insurance Agents & Brokers

New 10 Part Course Reveals Everything You Need To Know About How Marketing Automation Can Grow Your Business, Quickly and Easily. Free For Now.

Marketing Automation Course 01
  • Learn how agents & brokers are using marketing automation to grow quickly.

  • Discover what today’s changing insurance consumer expects (and how to turn them into raving fans!)

  • The simple way marketing automation saves staff time, boosts productivity and simplifies workflows.

The Crash Course is delivered in 10 short, easy-to-digest training lessons, twice a week for the following 5 to 6 weeks. You'll receive an email telling you when your next lessons is ready.

Who will benefit?

  • Agency/brokerage principals who want to grow

  • Agency/brokerage marketers who want to learn about new technologies

  • Producers who understand the value of using modern communication tools

  • Agency managers responsible for any part of financial/customer performance (acquisition, cross selling, retention)

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How you will benefit

  • Amazing ROI. The Direct Marketing Association reports a 43:1 ROI with marketing automation. Find out how other agents & brokers are using today’s technology to get more policies, higher retention and more referrals.
  • Eliminate confusion. Not all technologies are the same. Some are great. Some are… awful. Discover the three most important questions to ask any company that offers this software to your agency.
  • Deliver meaningful value. You’ve heard that ‘content is king.’  Discover what you need to know about the content - the quality of the message you deliver to your customers and prospects.
  • Integrate with your managment system. Integration with your management system unlocks the ‘magic’ in marketing automation. But not all integration is the same. Get the questions you must ask.
  • Loyalty through communication. JD Power research proves customers are happiest if they have an agent or broker who communicates using 'emerging technology.' This course will show you how to make that easy in your business - and how to make your customers' hearts sing!
  • Better customer relationships. Digital marketing got you mystified? 96% of all agents & brokers worry ‘the world is changing faster’ than their firm. You’re not alone…but now’s the time to get ahead. See how marketing automation helps you create deep relationships with your book of business. (Deeper than if you called each one personally!)
  • Get more done. Ever wish your agency got more done? Account reviews. Follow up on leads. Reach out to customers with claims. Deliver thoughtful newsletters. The list goes on…and marketing automation can do it – automatically.
  • More new customers. How can marketing automation help you get more new customers? You can’t spam. (And you don’t want to.) Discover how other agents are killing it in new customer acquisition.

 What Agents & Brokers Are Saying 

Tammy Lesueur, Principal, Bancorp Insurance
This course is an important contribution to the insurance industry.
On the whole, agents and brokers have been dangerously slow to adopt new technology. Now some of those technologies are not so new. And, as a distribution channel, we’re falling further and further behind. I urge you to read it. It will help you make your own decision about using modern tools to communicate with your customers and marketplace.”

Tammy Lesueur
Principal, Bancorp Insurance

Matt Davis, MBA, CPCU, AAI, President of GDI Insurance
“As a second generation agent, I know we have to move beyond the old school ways of marketing and communicating. This course will help any agent who’s serious about choosing the right technology for their agency.”

Matthew Davis, MBA, CPCU, AAI
President of GDI Insurance

Darrell Taylor, President Aldrich/Taylor InsuranceJonathan Taylor, President, Aldrich/Taylor Insurance
“Like a lot of multi-generation agency, we’ve been anxiously watching the consumer change - and wondering how to connect with them, earn their trust, and earn their business. This course is a valuable contribution to agents and brokers who want to grow in the future.”

Darell and Jonathan Taylor, President
Aldrich/Taylor Insurance

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Marketing Automation Course 01